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Deep Appreciation




I am not certain if getting older is the reason for my inclination to be grateful. Perhaps getting older is offering me an occasion to revisit being more grateful. What if having a life-altering event propelled me to see life with beginner’s eyes and more wonders than ever? I don’t really know all the reasons for me being more grateful at this moment in my life and after all, it doesn’t really matter.


I can assure you that being grateful is one of the glorious marvellous gifts I have been cherishing over the last eight years. Being grateful is expanding my heart and nourishing my soul.


My capacity to notice the beauty around me, in me and others is a soft feeling that pleases my inner being. My desire to look for what is going well in life is reassuring and comforting. Gentle, easy flow is welcome after so many years of doubts and turbulence of all sorts. I am certain that being grateful is a fantastic attract-er for infinite possibilities, opportunities and magic.


You may wonder what does gratitude looks like? What does it feel like?


Gratitude looks like inclusiveness, openness, acceptance, love, appreciation, curiosity and compassion. Gratitude feels warm. Gratitude feels like a jolt of happiness and joy. Gratitude feels like lightness in my steps. Gratitude feels like the most beautiful feeling in this moment.


Being grateful is helping me to navigate the ebbs and flows of life with trust, confidence and a renewed faith that was rubbed away at the beginning of my healing recovery process.


I am 100% positive that there is always, always, always, something to be thankful for, something to be grateful for…


How about you?


What are you thankful for today?


France Theriault

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