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Creation by France Theriault

I Am

“…everyday I move one step closer to accept myself with my greatness & my imperfections

I am thrilled to write this blog about this visceral daunting question we all visit after having a Traumatic Brain Injury.

The idea to express myself out there outside of my journal and the discussion I have with my tribe came from a longing of my soul. My desire to share my passion with you about wellness, nutrition, outdoor activities, travels, personal growth and humanity is increasing by the minute.

So I thought I will introduce myself with these two powerful words: I am…. 

What you choose to add after them could change your destiny for the day, for the months to come and for the rest of your life.

I am a daughter

I am a sister

I am a mother

I am a student of life

I am creative

I am passionate

I am me and also a part of you

I am an exploratrice of the world

I am a teacher and also an avid & inquisitive learner

I am on a quest to discover myself and how I can be of service to others

I am a seeker of the soul

I am a lover of life

I am in awe with beauty and grace

I am on the verge of a miracle

I am an agent of change

I am connecting the dots of my destiny

I am a beam of life

I am kindness

I am a trailblazer

I am colourful & vibrant

I am authentic

I am blissful

I am opening my heart to love, more love

I am powerful beyond my wildest dreams

I am unique and so are you

I am a leader

I am a masterpiece of light and colours

I am soaking every moment as it could be the last one

I am standing tall with my truth

I am living purposely every day

I am a magnet for infinite possibilities

I am tiptoeing outside of my comfort zone

I am vulnerable

I am expanding & unfolding the layers of my being

I am trusting life and letting go of control

I am shooting on the other side of the stars

I am me.

I am here to share my discoveries, my reflections and my journey.

I am here to be by your side learning to know you.

It took me many many years to discover who I am, I did a lot of self-inquiry and still do… This quest is part of my life and I could assure you that everyday I move one step closer to accept myself with my greatness & my imperfections. 

Do you know who you are? I hope you can be inspired to write your own I AM story. If you do, please post your comments to share and cheer for other people.

With love & sparkles of joy,

France Theriault

*This blog was first written in June 2016 and I decided to revisit it.. To tell you there’s nothing I will add or subtract. I am still embracing all the parts of my I am.


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