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On Oct 2, 2014, while I was on my way to work I stopped on a highway as the traffic lights were red. There were about 4 cars in front of me. I left some room with the car in front as my mum always told me to leave room incase of an accident.

Waiting for the light to go green I looked in my review mirror and saw an SUV careening towards me. I knew there was no time to go anywhere as I was trapped with the cars in front of me. Anxiety overcame me and I braved myself (not suppose to but I did).

I remember parts after the hit. I remembered a firefighter trying to pull my door open. It would not open. I was trapped. He called for the jaws of life.When they finally got the car open they did a head to toe check and I soon realized I couldn’t feel my legs.

“I am still in rehab and things have improved, but not to where I once was.”

I had sprained my spine in three different spots. At the hospital I regained my feeling in the legs and walked out after they cleared my CT and MRI. Being light sensitive, hyper sensitive to sounds and smells I knew something wasn’t right. My eyes were crossed now, things were all doubled and everything looked as if it was like an old movie in short frames.

I went to my doctor telling her I couldn’t do simple things such as make coffee, take a shower etc. This was a few days after my accident. I had a spec scan done which showed frontal left right temporal and damage also done my amygdala. I ended up having to relearn basic life skills and complete a lot of rehabilitation. I am still in rehab and things have improved, but not to where I once was. I compensate a lot for things and learned how to do things now my “new” way.

I can’t work and still have many issues but I always say we need to keep on keeping on!! Educating people on Brain injury is something I like to do. I have also found a lot of therapy in painting which I never did before my accident. I also meditate now which is new since my accident. Through this post I hope to, somehow, educate someone or inspire another survivor to share their story.

  • By Jennifer Lawson
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