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More often than not, when a person sustains an acquired brain injury, one of their family members becomes their primary caregiver. This might be a parent, adult sibling or spouse. 

Taking on this role, whether planned or gradually evolved, takes you to previously unexplored places – new experiences, new information, and a lot of new questions. Your experiences as a caregiver are likely difficult to relate to others who aren’t in a similar position. But, finding support is important to help you care for yourself.

Ontario is offering a new opportunity for caregivers through the Ontario Brain Injury Association’s program, “Support, Hope & Resiliency: An Education and Training Program for Caregivers of Acquired Brain Injury Survivors”. 

The workshop is three hours long and you will cover these topics alongside a small group of other caregiver participants:

  • Understand How ABI Has Changed My Loved One
  • Discover Ways to Manage the Emotional, Cognitive and Physical Changes of ABI
  • Understand How ABI Has Changed My Family and How to Manage These Changes
  • Understand How ABI Has Changed Me
  • Discover Ways to Support Myself through the Emotional, Social and Physical Challenges of Caregiving

Workshops began in April 2019 and are currently scheduled through April 2020. Check out the schedule on OBIA’s website, including a workshop in Richmond Hill in November 2019.

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